Holbox Activities

Bird Watching, Fishing, Whale Sharks

Holbox offers to the  visitors a wide range of activities for tourists from May to September is the season of whale sharks and thousands of tourists come to swim with whale sharks and watch them.

Summer attraction;
For several years now,whale sharks have been coming to the northern tip of the Yucatán peninsula to feed and mate during the months of June through September. Tourism based on whale shark watching has increased dramatically in the last few years and government agencies have taken steps to protect these magnificent animals so that the species will not be harmed and so they will continue to return to this area. For that reason, Holbox has recently been named by the Mexican government as the only port that can offer trips to swim with the whale sharks, and there are strict rules against scuba equipment being used to view them in the area. Local guides have been trained to give tours that are as safe for the whale sharks as they are for their human visitors. Read our article on whale sharks in Holbox to get a more profound insight about the experience as well as information for tours.

You can also take a tour of the island on a boat that goes to the bird island, the cenote Yalahao and the island of passion, where if you're lucky you can admire the dolphins on the trip and even flamingos.

You can admire the beautiful virgin beaches of Holbox and swim in its calm waters.

We organize private fishing trips near the island, many people come to fish in the river or at sea and there are several types of tours for fishing trips.

You can also take a horse ride along the beaches of the island, these tours are offered and the outputs are close very close to the departments of us, is a walkable distance.

You can also snorkel in cabo  catoche snorkel for that is the last point un the Yucatan peninsula . Admire its clear waters and reefs.

Basically the activities taking place in Holbox are ecological and also across the mainland, 15 minutes from Chiquila is the village of Solferino, there is people who organize ecological tours in to the jungle, lagoons, ect

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